Die erfolgreichsten Lions Den-Projekte

The television show “Die Höhle der Löwen” has produced a number of very successful startups since it started in 2014. Although many of the companies featured don’t get a deal from the lions, others have seen huge success by participating. That’s why we’re presenting eight successful Lion’s Den startups that have developed rapidly over the years. Founders should definitely not miss this!

The concept of the show is simple. Founders and inventors can pitch their business ideas to prominent and successful entrepreneurs and investors. If you like the business concept, some get the chance to make a lucrative deal with the lions. The ideas of the founders are put through their paces: What about the finances? What is the USP? Who is the target group? What is the industry like? Since the first episode aired on TV in 2014, the network has produced eight seasons. And it seems as if the business ideas are not running out – in April 2022 another season of the popular TV show started and with it further successful The Lion’s Den startups were presented.